Sharks, Dragons, Kingston Loop


A regular haunt – the royal standard at lyme


Lyme has a good selection of colourful beach huts although they seem quite small


this artwork in east reach is quite new – it is to promote a local tatoo parlour


i assumed this lady is protesting aginst the number of roads that have been closed in central taunton with a “road closure” sign in front of her burnt to cinders – she might just be watching the busker but someone seems to have it in for road closures!


An eye catching display of bags in a shop in taunton – not sure what the shop is callled but the signs say “outdoors” – not sure if they are bags though


watch out for sharks in taunton library!


this footbridge is part of taunton’s 21 million pound nidr scheme – it replaces the old “40 steps” bridge and has ramps that can be used by cycles and wheelchairs – the old bridge just had 40 steps at each end


cycle racks for tdbc council staff at the deane house offices – they look fairly secure compared with some racks and are covered – i prefer a brompton which can just be parked under a desk but for people who use non-brompton bikes these would be handy racks


2 flags – one flag for each match


i wonder how many reflections of myself i can count?


portaloo – one section of the nidr road connecting the a38 priory roundabout with the a358 near taunton school


the old “kingston loop” bridge – it appears this bridge will be gone very shortly as it will be replaced with a new road bridge forming part of the NIDR road scheme


nidr pipes – these pipes lie on the path of the new road adjecent to whitehall in taunton – the 2 main town churches are visible behind the pipes


it looks from this sign that you cannot enter this area unless you are a shopper or have “written permission” – i wonder how you get the written permission if you are not a shopper and are therefore barred from entering.


praying that his bus will turn up soon


there seem to be a lot of dragons popping up in taunton recently – this has been decorated with sharpie marker pens