date: mon 25 mar 13
tags: taunton

This bridge appears to have limited time left to stand as there are plans to replace it soon. It provides a pedestrian link between Leslie Avenue and Chip lane in Taunton, and crosses the main London to Penzance rail line. It looks like the new design will have ramps for cyclists and wheelchairs which should be an improvement over the steps only access now in place. A new road will shortly be built providing a direct link between Chip Lane and the station which will be a lot better than having to go via Staplegrove Road and Station Road (about 3 times the distance) and it will hopefully take a lot of traffic away from Staplegrove Road and Greenway Road which are primarily residential roads. R0011225 I'm trying out different manual focus settings for the GRD4 and this setting is either 3m or 2.5m - it's the notch just very slightly below the "3m" mark on the focus scale.