easter sunday

date: sun 31 mar 13
tags: brean down

The weather was actually pretty good for a bank holiday, so a visit to Brean Down seemed like a good idea.   This is the first day of British Summer Time, which is a bit of a shock to the system, and I wonder what is the point of it.   Why make the evenings lighter just when they are already getting nice and light?   The knock on effect is that mornings are uncannily dark all of a sudden....seems pointless to me. R0011578 It was quite busy as other people seemed to also have the same idea R0011594 There is a £2 per day parking charge at the base of Brean Down, but it is redeemable against food purchases made in the shop R0011604 My mum's cat ... R0011619 Seeing who is tallest... R0011630 Sheep R0011636 Easter chocolate bunnies R0011649 Testing the close focus ability of the GRD4 R0011655