Work starts on new road in Taunton

date: mon 15 apr 13
tags: taunton

This looks like the "first cut" for the construction of Taunton's newest road, the Northern Inner Distribution Road. This road looks set to hopefully follow on from the success of the "Third Way" which opened a couple of years ago. R0012461 Being able to get directly from Northwest Taunton to both the station and the M5 without having to go through the town will remove a lot of bottlenecks from Taunton's snarled up traffic. A lot of the route on the motorway side of the station was actually finished a while back, BUT this section does not actually link with anything, as the River Tone bridge has not yet been built, and this part of the road near chip lane is the important part of the route as regards linking up with the rest of Taunton's road network.