Railways Busses Streets

date: wed 8 may 13
tags: taunton

I've noticed the trouble with the Ricoh GRD IV is that because it's such a small camera it literally goes everywhere with me, with the side effect that I end up with a lot of pictures, especially if I don't download them off the SD card for a whole week! I'm currently counting down the days till the Ricoh GR is released and it could be only a week or so now, but some reports say it might not be released till June, and others say 16th May. A copper beech near the silk meadows estate R0013297 The silk meadows estate viewed from silk meadows R0013300 The wooded area of silk meadows R0013301 Construction of a new railway in Taunton R0013314 A new cycle path at Langford Mead estate R0013315 View from the railway footbridge at Norton Fitzwarren R0013319 The old Norton Fitzwarren trading estate R0013326 Shopping R0013333 Laden with bags R0013339 Under cover R0013342 Banana R0013343 Massive umbrella R0013368 Caught in a cloudburst R0013371 Running for cover R0013372 Soaked R0013385 Tatooed R0013386 Drink R0013389 Shopping R0013405 Ready for the rain R0013415 Free open top bus tour R0013417 Vintage bus exhibition and running event R0013433