Bank Holidays go too fast

date: mon 27 may 13
tags: taunton

Looks like it's now the end of the bank holiday, but at least that means a 4 days week rather than 5. The weather toady was pretty dull, there seemed to be a sort of street fair in Taunton High Street with market stalls, and other entertainment type things. I was trying to work out what this thing outside boots was - I think it is some sort of cat R0000380 Bumped into a friend in town who was asking me about the Ricoh GR - he was asking me what I had done with my Holga and why I now had a digital camera instead R0000394 He wanted to test the GR by taking a shot of me but I forgot that I had left it set on 3 metres (manual focus) but things in the background still seemed quite well focussed even if I wasn't R0000393 Finally a shop window display in Mary Street whilst walking home R0000403