Lunchtime ride on a Brompton

date: mon 5 aug 13
tags: taunton

The Brompton seems ideal for making the best use of my lunch break.    Normally I go for a walk but the Brompton means I can go a lot further and see a lot more. Today I did a circuit along the lanes behind Norton Fitzwarren via Allerford Crossing. This is a large gravel storage area R0002699 A bit further along the lane - this is near the top of a rise and there was some sort of even on with large marquees.  This is near the point where the West Somerset Railway links with the Main Line. R0002700 About half way round is the Victory Level Crossing at Allerford, with the Allerford Inn in the background R0002701 The 3 speed hub gear on this hire bike seemed to cope OK with Shutewater Hill, which is pretty steep.    I think when I get round to ordering a Brompton I might go with the 6 speed model (3 hub + 2 dérailleur combo gives 6 speeds).  This would help with some of the local hills such as Blagdon Hill (Blackdowns) and Buncombe Hill (Quantocks) which are both real killers!