date: sun 16 mar 14
tags: brixham
D2X_0437 Brixham Harbour


D2X_0441 Brixham Harbour Port Authority


D2X_0456 Wall Mural


D2X_0469 Admiring the sea view across Torbay


D2X_0470 Brixham does not have much in the way of beach


D2X_0479 Houses on top of the cliff


D2X_0491 Lighthouse at the end of the long breakwater


D2X_0518 Colourful harbourside houses as the sun sets


D2X_0521 Harbourside mosaic


D2X_0522 Bankksy style stencil


D2X_0523 smuggling animals is illegal


D2X_0524 i hope this cliff does not erode