Here be dragons!

date: wed 16 jul 14
tags: taunton

i quite like this dragon outside the brewhouse with the words "waterside house" - i remember seeing this dragon being painted in the orchard centre DSC_2582 a firey dragon outside the cosy club DSC_2588 a dragon in the entrance to the library DSC_2592 outside sainsburys in county walk with a red cross and plasters DSC_2595 this dragon at the castle is very artistically designed with impressionist style spots DSC_2596 it took me a while to find this dragon on the top floor of debenhams - i asked a couple of staff members where the dragon was and got very blank looks as if i was mad but finally someone told me it was on the top floor DSC_2599 this is a cricketing dragon at the county ground DSC_2603 a dragon with flowers outside the market house in the parade DSC_2605 a dragon with a crown outside the kings arms - it also has a black horse on it DSC_2609 a cider apple dragon at the bathroom centre at firepool DSC_2611 a black dragon in the orchard shopping centre with "life" written on it DSC_2612 a very red dragon outside scat - it has logos like cameras, brushes etc DSC_2620 a starry blue dragon with a half moon at the octagon in east reach DSC_2622 a vivary park dragon DSC_2625 a minimal white spot on blue design at wilton lands near the high ropes DSC_2629 a dragon at brendon bookshop in bath place DSC_2789 this dragon is not part of the trail and has been here for years in the arcade between church square and east street DSC_2792 the waterstones dragon - not actually part of the taunton deane dragon trail DSC_2793