date: thu 1 jan 15
tags: taunton

These were mainly shot at f/4 although Leica digital cameras cannot record aperture as there is no data link between the lens and the body. I quite like the B&W preset profiles in Rawtherapee - there are 4 to choose from. 1/125s, iso160 1/250s, iso160 L1000260 1/250s, iso640 L1000265-1 1/180s, iso320 L1000270-1 1/125s, iso160 L1000273 1/250s, iso160 L1000279-1 1/250s, iso160 L1000281-1 1/360s, iso160 L1000290-1 1/750s, iso160 L1000296-1 1/180s, iso160 L1000301-1 1/250s, iso640 1/180s, iso320 L1000303-1