dismaland, Quantocks and Cat

date: fri 18 sep 15
tags: lyme regis, taunton, weston-super-mare, quantocks

We were pretty fortunate to get dismaland tickets as they seem to go within seconds of being released.

Luckily a ticket did become available BUT it was £20 per head instead of the expected £5 however this was due to it being a friday evening slot with various bands on stage.

It was a bit of challenge as my 9 year old camera struggles with high iso so even at f/2.8 the shutter speeds were slow.


The barminski security check was quite amusing - i had seen videos showing people pulled aside and asked to do things like lift their arms while they are manually scanned but all that happened to me was the lady shouted "put that camera away - this is not a photo booth!"


When we first arrived just after 7pm, dismaland was still quite empty so it was quite easy to get a beer as there was no queue - the view from the bar was very good and looked out over the bristol channel towards cardiff and everything was lit up at the bemusement park


these three rather pink tinted shots were in an area called "guerilla island" and there was a cool tent with guerilla art - it was not very easy to get in as a goth looking girl on the entrance seemed to keep blocking my way, which seemed unfair as other people seemed to get in ok - eventually she waved me in


there were so many things to see at dismaland - pity i could not visit more than once


david cameron features in "the shove" by kennardphillipps


the ruined castle seemed to have 2 queues - one for people who wanted a photo taken and those who did not.

this was a sort of smiley where people look when they have their photo taken - looks like an old skool smiley - the smiley is used almost as an icon of dismaland with james joyce deconstructed smiley and james cauty riot shield


a log fire at dismaland to keep visitors warm - it was so dark i had to go with 1/2s shutter speed but this captured quite a few spitting embers


spoil the moment by stephen powers


table 6 at dismaland


this was probably the best single exhibhit of all - james cauty's ADP aftermarth dislocation principle - 'a vast dystopian cityscape at 1:87 scale depicting a future police state somewhere in bedfordshire'

the level of detail and lighting effects have to be seen to be believed


this picked unicorn is by damien hirst

the tent was full of very strange things and very dark! getting any sort of photo was a challenge - both the unicorn and the beer can sculpture required a full half second exposure so i'm lucky they were not too blurry

im toying with the idea of getting a flash but for now it's ambient light only - the tent was called "the sleep of reason"


a constellation maze organised by stand against violence in goodland gardens taunton


a cat on a car in duke street taunton


a walk up wills neck on the quantocks - this trig point marks the highest point on the quantock hills


a group of ponies near wills neck


the view from lydeard hill on the quantocks - the steam train is just about visible near the centre of the frame


a trip to lyme


between hut 37 and hut 36 at lyme regis


hand of four art exhibit at brewhouse - this is a seaweed installation by gillian widden called 'the one that got away'


the new nidr flyover connecting firepool with taunton and the m5


the nidr road and railway from the new footbridge at forty steps


the waters edge building at priory bridge road - looks like they are working on the 3rd floor here so only 2 more floors to go - in fact 5 floors is about as high as any buildings seem to go in taunton due to strict local planning regs

looks like thames valley construction but can't find the build listed on their site


"imprints" - a texitle exhibition at the museum of somerset by south west textile group