date: tue 1 jan 13
tags: tech

Just been doing some research about IPv6 - I'm not sure if 5quidhost are "IPv6 ready" yet, but at least my ISP supports IPv6.   The trouble is that my existing router, the ZyXEL P-660HW-T1 v2 appears to only support the "legacy" IPv4 system. I think I might update my router to the Technicolor TG582N as I have had the ZyXEL for quite a while now and as well as not supporting IPv6, it is not FTTC compatible either. I notice I have been allocated 2 IPv6 networks on my ADSL account, a /48 and a /64 which is probably quite a lot of IP addresses!   At the moment I am just using a legacy /28 IPv4 network with 16 IP addresses (13 usable).