Lunchtime Walk

date: mon 18 mar 13
tags: taunton

A good thing about the Ricoh GRD IV is that I can easily shove it in my pocket which means that it is always ready to take photos.    When I used to use a D700 it was really heavy in comparison, so I would not take it out so often. img_0001 It was surprisingly sunny today. I have found a handy trick for finding the number of shutter releases on the GRD IV - put camera in "scene" mode and switch it off - once the camera is switched off press the "play" and "disp" buttons at the same time, and it will then display a "hidden" menu showing number of shutter actuations and other interesting data, such as the number of times the AF mechanism has been activated, the number of times the camera has been powered up, and a lot of other data.