Bone Cave 9000m

date: tue 19 mar 13
tags: taunton

This was certainly an unusual sign post I saw while out and about with the GRD4 today img_0001 I have not noticed this post before but my guess is that it's something to do with the Somerset Heritage Centre which is nearby.   The road next to this sign appears to have been "under construction" for some time as it looks like it's designed to link the village of Norton Fitzwarren with the Langford Mead trading estate.   You can walk as far as Norton Brook but there are signs saying "no entry" as it is a construction site.   It seems to be taking a long time to construct this road! I'm trying to figure out if I prefer BW or colour with the GRD4 - I think in some ways BW has the edge, and Darktable seems to make a reasonable job at converting to BW. I have updated the firmware to the latest version, but the Ricoh website seems to make it sound more complex than it is.   I just downloaded the "windows 7" version, unzipped it and copied it to a freshly formatted SD card in the camera using a USB lead.   Once this is done I just went to the firmware menu and selected to update.   I do not have windows 7 installed on my PC, only Ubuntu 12.04LTS, so no need for any *.exe files to upgrade the firmware.