Still Cloudy

date: sun 24 mar 13
tags: taunton

It seems to have been pretty cloudy the whole weekend, so shooting with the GRD4 has meant low levels of light generally. I'm definitely converted to using manual focus, but I think I will set a longer focus distance.       I've been looking at the focus scale on the GRD4 and in the "normal" range (non macro) there are 5 marked distances:

  1. Infinity
  2. 5 metres
  3. 3 metres
  4. 1 metre
  5. 0.5 metres

R0011184 BUT the actual focus "stop" positions on the sliding scale appear to be:

  1. Infinity
  2. 10 metres
  3. 5 metres
  4. 3.5 metres
  5. 3 metres
  6. 2.5 metres
  7. 2 metres
  8. 1.5 metres
  9. 1.25 metres
  10. 1 metre

There are definitely 10 positions between 1 metre and infinity, and I think I was set on 2 metres today, but possibly 2.5 metres or 3 metres might have been a better bet. The first picture seems to be focussed on the pink rucksack, so a bit too close.   This camera is so discreet that it would easily be possible to get closer without being noticed. R0011190 Definitely now getting used to the Rawtherapee software, it's good that they have such good photo editing software for Ubuntu. R0011174 I have noticed that with using manual (or snap) focus there is absolutely NO shutter lag, and the picture will be taken as soon as you press the shutter.    This shot of the cyclist would not have been easy with AF as I would have had to anticipate and press the shutter in advance, but I only noticed the cyclist a fraction of a second before I took the shot.