date: tue 26 mar 13
tags: taunton

Still testing out different focus setting on the GRD4 , yesterday I was testing the setting just below the 3m mark, and today the setting just above the 3m mark.    As the GRD4 has a small sensor it has a large DOF so one focus setting will cover many situations, which is good in many ways, unless you want narrow DOF. I have noticed that this garage in Staplegrove road is derelict - not sure how long it has been like this. R0011255 This also shows the quick response of the GRD4 shutter when used in manual focus mode.  My aim was to get the cyclist in front of the white garage door which required split second timing.   Had I used autofocus then he probably would have passed the garage before the picture was taken. I have been checking my wordpress sql database with phpmyadmin and have noticed the huge number of revisions in the database.   I have installed a handy plugin that has cleaned out all these now redundant revisions and it has reduced the size of my database from about 1.4mb to 0.8mb which is useful as I like to take regular backups.    "Better Delete Revision" is a handy plugin I now use to keep my database free of no longer required revisions