Staplegrove Walk

date: tue 9 apr 13
tags: taunton

Thought I'd try a new route through Staplegrove today. Starting with Greenway Road R0012250 And then along towards Taunton Vale Sports Club - I noticed there was a memorial stone for a teenage boy that was murdered a few years ago here - not the sort of place you would expect this to happen really. R0012251 There are some corn fields next to the Sports Club, and the path then leads to Staplegrove Village. R0012254 The road through Staplegrove Village is narrow and twisty and has no pavements along much of its length and the road is quite busy with traffic. This is I think Staplegrove Football Club, with a flag that looks the worst for wear. R0012258 This is a park in the housing estate between Staplegrove Road and Bindon Road, with high voltage pylons running though it. A lot of the houses are pretty much under the path of the pylons. R0012260