Old Photos

date: sat 23 jul 11
tags: plymouth, sidmouth, exeter, salisbury

Just been having a look through some of my old photos from the D700 - have been busy backing up my archives from this camera. A few months ago I pruned down my D700 archives from about 20000 shots to about 1000 as it's easy to end up with so many shots it becomes hard to locate your favourite shots. I have backed them up onto JVC 56160 16x DVDs from SVP, which uses a good quality Taiyo Yuden Dye so should be reasonable for archiving Firstly from a trip to Plymouth in July 2011 - just after I had purchased my 28mm f/2.8D lens DSC_0018 These bits of art were in Sidmouth - done with the 50mm f/1.4 G lens not long after getting the D700 DSC_1420 This was done in Exeter with the 28mm f.2.8D DSC_1748 Finally a shot from Salisbury with the 50mm 1.4G DSC_4627