Enabling AAISP ping graph in IPv6

date: tue 1 jan 13
tags: tech

I have noticed that the "ping graph" no longer seems to work since upgrading to FTTC, and I think it has something to do with IPv6 as if I view it on my mobile phone, which used IPV4 (when on 3G), the graph still works. graph However I have found that by disabling ipv6 on the domain "a.gormless.aa.net.uk" this re-enables the graph. I use the firefox addon http://www.hunen.net/4or6/ this allows you to disable ipv6 on a "per domian" basis. First of all I select to globally disable ipv6 then restart firefox then browse to the page with the graph The graph will show fine as ipv6 is disabled. Then I right click on the graph and select "view image" Then I select to disable ipv6 on "a.gormless.aa.net.uk" Then I re-enable ipv6 globally which means that just the domain a.gormless.aa.net.uk is disabled for ipv6. The graph will then work fine, but ipv6 will be used to view the page (apart from the image which will load over ipv4)