Vuescan scanning to DNG rather than jpeg

date: sat 17 apr 10
tags: somerset

I have not used Vuescan for a while now but I have reinstalled it on my Ubuntu 13.10 system as I want to get some of my archived films scanned. One feature I like the look of is the ability to "scan to raw" and this allows two type of "raw" file - TIFF or DNG I like the option to be able to come back to a scan at a later date and re-process it instead of having to physically re-scan it. This is a shot done with the holga on rvp100 fuji velvia film cross processed in c41 chemistry, take near Hinkley Point power station in Somerset. Scan-140208-0001   I like the way tha vuescan allows you to select the "white point" easily by right clicking anywhere on the image.