date: mon 9 jun 14
tags: guernsey
DSC_1960_00001 arriving in the baggage hall


DSC_1964_00002 boarding the condor express


DSC_1970_00003 up on deck


DSC_1985_00004 full speed ahead


DSC_1996_00005 inside the cabin


DSC_1997_00006 dual time clocks


DSC_2001_00007 first sight of the island of guernsey


DSC_2005_00008 arrival on guernsey


DSC_2011_00009 people still on deck


DSC_2017_00010 tenders from the p&o azura


DSC_2021_00011 in the streets of st peter port


DSC_2031_00012 vintage camera shop


DSC_2032_00013 the old quarter of st peter port


DSC_2033_00014 frog beds


DSC_2036_00015 houses in st peter port


DSC_2045_00016 shoppers


DSC_2068_00017 a yellow bus


DSC_2075_00018 st peter port harbour - the condor express returns with p&o azura anchored behind


DSC_2080_00019 brompton riders