taunton Flower Show

date: sat 2 aug 14
tags: taunton
DSC_2635 As soon as we got into the flower show it started to pour down, most people seemed to have umbrellas apart from us


DSC_2637 A lot of people headed for the various marquees for shelter which resulted in marquees so crowded there was no room to breathe let alone move so back out into the rain!


DSC_2638 There were a few loos but they were pretty cramped & smelly


DSC_2645 The rain soon stopped so we decided to head back into the marquees which were now much less crowded - this is the flower marquee and a display of cactii


DSC_2649 A lot of people seemed to be coming into this marquee all at once to see the flowers


DSC_2651 These bonsai trees were very good from the mendip bonsai studio - they were very expensive!


DSC_2653 More flowers & plants for sale


DSC_2658 these murals were quite good on the side of the floral marquee


DSC_2670 ready, steady, GARDEN!


DSC_2671 Apple FM were covering the event


DSC_2672 some wicker animals in wilton lands - this is the first time wilton lands has formed part of the flower show area


DSC_2675 first aid dummies


DSC_2681 home made wines - a nice variety of colours of wine


DSC_2691 this was a display of live bees in a honeycomb


DSC_2693 a sheepdog display in the main arena


DSC_2698 the competition marquee had hundreds of different competitions on display - here are some prize tomatoes


DSC_2701 An art competition


DSC_2704 more artistic competitions for the younger age groups


DSC_2710 the porter dodson photo competitions - "feet" seemed to be on the agenda this year


DSC_2712 i quite liked the shot with all the worker's boots, although it does not appear to have been awarded a prize