It's a month or so now since I got back from Vienna so thought I'd check out what I images I had collected - mainly locally in an around taunton but a few from lyme as well.

20/6/15 This chap had a puppet on his arm while crossing the road


20/6/15 The lift in Paul Street car park looked like it was in need of repair


27/6/15 Lyme regis certainly seems very busy - i tend to visit more during the winter months when it's not so crowded with tourists


27/6/15 A bbq on the cobb wall at lyme


28/6/15 ducks and seagulls on the river tone


12/7/15 I seem to remember getting a temp job here when it was owned by BT - however i don't remember lasting very long as you were expected to answer about 30 calls per hour.

It has now been converted into affordable housing - i quite like the way they have wood panelling above the entrance - it is now called "ladysmith house"


12/7/15 this is the old "job centre" building (mendip house) - it looks like there are plans to convert it to an old peoples home although it would be quite good for flats with the views you must get from the top floors


12/7/15 some street art in tangier way - looks quite good and better than just bare hoardings


18/7/15 some puppet making at somerset square near the brewhouse theatre


18/7/15 looks like this area next to the viridor building is finally being developed - hopefully it will be a nicer design than those rather ugly looking flats at priory fields - i think it's those dormer windows that somehow look out of place.


18/7/15 firepool weir and the old pump house


18/7/15 i quite like these designs as not too fussy like some new builds


18/7/15 the back view of this development with the railway on the right hand side - you can see waterside house in the distance


18/7/15 this is the new "40 steps" crossing at chip lane


18/7/15 the nidr road is finally getting a surface! this has just been a dirt track for about 2 years now


19/7/15 this display at castle green looked very colourful


19/7/15 there was an art display in the upper floor of the winchester arms


19/7/15 there seems to be a lot of yarn bombing in taunton at the moment - bath place has been bombed


19/7/15 more bombing in bath place


19/7/15 yarn bombing in paul street


19/7/15 more bombing in paul street


19/7/15 an artwork created from plastic milk bottles at somerset square - i know that a green cap is semi skimmed as thats what i normally get but the blue top i'm not sure if its skimmed or full fat


19/7/15 some artwork pained on cardboard in somerset square


19/7/15 bark painting display in somerset square