Christmas, Bath & Cigars

date: sat 7 nov 15
tags: bath, lyme regis, quantocks, taunton

7/11/15 - Some street art at eastbourne gate in taunton - i quite like it but there were loads of comments in the local paper from people who did not like it


21/11/15 - A trip to lyme


22/11/15 - firepool redevelopment project next to river tone


6/12/15 - another trip to lyme - the start to a good week off!


8/12/15 - a trip to bath - there was a "pop up pub" in the main shopping street near the roman baths - they did a nice pint of bath ale and a very good burger - it was german style where everyone sits round a huge table. The only annoyance was that it was cash only and finding a cash machine without a massive queue was not easy


14/12/15 - been meaning to get a flash for my camera (a leica m8) for a while but could not decide on the best one to get - it had to be as small as possible and have a manual power dial - in the end narrowed it down to either the sunpak pf20xd or the fuji efx20 and in the end the fuji won as i had difficulty sourcing the sunpak.

The advantage of a fully manual flash is that there is no anoying ttl preflash so easier to take a photo of a cat without them blinking


18/12/15 - the weekend before christmas - this is a "balloon within a balloon" from party on


24/12/15 2.30pm - christmas eve - luckily work normally finishes early on christmas eve - this is fergus getting ready for christmas


24/12/15 a bit of last minute shopping before christmas - we had only just seen star wars at the cinema and they had a huge inflatable storm trooper in one of the shops


24/12/15 time for a vital cup of coffee


24/12/15 I left the camera settings the same for these 2 photos and this shows the effect of light falloff with distance as the rest of the shop looks very dark. I can see it was 1/60s from the exif but I think the aperture was something like f/8 or f/5.6 so not a lot of ambient light


24/12/15 one of my chistmas gifts - I had to open it a couple of days early to give the humidor a chance to reach 65-70% humidity - it is now nicely humid and the fist batch of cigars have been added


25/12/15 christmas day morning and time to have a walk before lunch - there is a new bar in taunton called handsome harry's which had a display of gobstoppers and jellybeans in the window - actually it looks like they might have been mints.


25/12/15 - only 12 minutes of christmas day now left - hopefully fergus & hamish have had a good day


1/1/16 - blowing away the cobwebs with a walk on lydeard hill - the conditions were pretty shocking and it was hammering down with heavy rain - i had to resort to keeping my camera in a sainsburys carrier bag to protect it from the rain


1/1/16 eventually we get to will's neck which is the highest point on the quantocks but the visibility is very low due to low cloud


2/1/16 another visit to the museum of somerset to look at the imprints exhibit - the attendant told me that this would be the final day of the exhibit - I asked if it's ok to use flash and they said no problem.


2/1/16 another imprint exhibit


9/1/16 possibly the wettest ever trip to lyme - the rain was almost horizontal as well - rather annoyingly the fish and chip stall called "lymes fish bar" was closing early due to the adverse weather


16/1/16 thought i'd have a look at the new exhibit at museum of somerset called new dimensions featuring works from 6 local artists - jenny graham, chris dunseath, jacy wall, laura aish, ralph hoyte and richard tomlinson

this looks like it was drawn from hundreds of partial circular lines


16/1/16 a new dimensions exhibit of used train tickets


16/1/16 a couple of fish sculptures in a charity shop in north street taunton


16/1/16 a system of pipes at a petrol station in priory bridge road taunton - these are looking a bit grubby


17/1/16 hamish asleep on the sofa


17/1/16 fergus on his frame