Bristol, rain drenched & dried

date: sat 23 jan 16
tags: bristol, taunton

23/1/16 - Still getting to grips with the EFX20, have had it almost exactly a month now


30/1/16 - A trip to Bristol, not been there for about 4 months and luckily the weather was good for the day - this was quite near finzels reach


30/1/16 - view from the riverbank near bristol bridge


30/1/16 - after crossing the bridge I notice some colourful rolls of cloth at st nicholas market


30/1/16 a boxed in statue at broad quay


30/1/16 cctv camera overlooking narrow quay at the ncp multi storey


30/1/16 - peros bridge


30/1/16 - the last time i visited bristol i saw this colourful character duncan mckellar doing guided tours in almost the exact same spot - there was a temporary bridge across the floating harbour giving me an elevated view


30/1/16 - i walk down past the ss great britain towards the spike island art centre, passing the dockside studios


30/1/16 - interesting exhibition at spike island arts centre - michael simpson flat surface painting

this part of the gallery had natural daylight from the skylights hence the blue colour


30/1/16 - this part of the gallery is lit with strip lighting which seems much greener - there is an upstairs part of the gallery and someone kindly gave me a mini tour of this part which has a lot of artist studios.


30/1/16 - after leaving spike island i walked along the bank of the river avon as far as an area that was being redeveloped behind the m shed but is currently used as parking - some colourful graffiti was here on some old walls


30/1/16 - a bit of a cliche i know - the millennium square globe


30/1/16 - solar powered energy tree in millennium square


30/1/16 - cctv or no cctv I don't think i'd want to leave my bike parked here


6/2/16 - a yellow warning of rain was issued over much of the south west and because my camera seems to not be worried about small amounts of rain i thought it would be a good idea to use it in the rain.

there is the saying "the worse the weather the better the photos" but digital cameras can be affected when the rain gets heavy.

i was grabbing some food in sainsburys when i noticed that the flash kept activating when i was not using the camera - not a good sign!

i tried drying it out with a hair dryer on the cool setting but it was "dead" apart from when i removed the bottom plate and then the lcd said "warning bottom plate removed"

i though better a warning than nothing

eventually the camera seemed to start working again but "acting odd"

there seemed to be a problem with the shutter speed dial where the speed selected was not correctly recognised but eventually the dial must have dried out as it started working ok but only after quite a while

the below shot was the last before the camera "died"


7/2/16 - a bit apprehensive about whether the camera would work ok the day after being soaked but seemed ok

this is the m&s side entrance for staff only


11/2/16 fergus and amber


13/2/16 castle green in taunton


13/2/16 - an exhibition at the museum of somerset - i had a look at this exhibition a few weeks ago and was told that using flash was strictly forbidden as it will ruin the exhibits, however today i was told that flash is fine. At f/2.8 i did not need much flash so kept the power down to 1/64


13/2/16 this montage of somerset maps, some old, some not so old, was an exhibit but I'm not sure what the coloured pins were supposed to represent


13/2/16 some old storage tins