photos update

date: sun 21 aug 16
tags: bristol, exeter, lyme regis, plymouth, taunton

22/2/16 - A trip to Plymouth - This green domed building looks quite interesting - it is called the immersive vision theatre


22/2/16 - this seems quite a good idea for people who don't want to carry their lock everywhere - since getting a brompton 3 years ago I have forgotten how heavy locks can be to carry as bromptons can be easily taken inside instead of having to be locked up outside


22/2/16 - still with a cycling theme - this is on the "money centre" building in plymouth - the building itself has a good tiled finish


22/2/16 - pam's snacks in plymouth - i liked the logo with the shark having a snack - it is tucked away behind the national marine aquarium


22/2/16 - this white dog in a pink scarf seemed quite interested in my camera and seemed keen to have its photo taken


22/2/16 - i was amazed at the sheer number of pidgeons in this one spot


24/2/16 - a trip to exeter - as i was walking through the guildhall shopping centre I could see someone holding some flyers with "raise eyebrows" printed on them - I liked the way the person was hidden with only the hand and flyer visible giving an element of mystery


24/2/16 - still in the guildhall shopping centre there was a shelf with a dummy head sat on it


24/2/16 - still in exeter but now on cathedral green - i was trying to read all those "banned" activities - in fact it would not surprise me if photography was banned as some places such as shopping centres assume you are a terrorist if you take pictures on a camera rather than on a phone. It reminded me of the sign at dismaland last year


24/2/16 - this was some artwork at st sidwells community centre in exeter which was quite colouful


24/2/16 - i liked this little white painted japanese style cat in the window of this sushi restaurant


6/3/16 - fergus on his frame


12/3/16 - wall artwork in a victorian residential street in taunton - it seems people either hate it or love it


19/3/16 - an exhibition of old drawings in the museum of somerset called "Captured in Time: The Art of Harry Frier"


25/3/16 - fergus on an ottoman


23/4/16 - hamish on his frame


23/4/16 - it is unusual to see 3 photographers with film cameras and old style flashguns walking down the street - they thought my camera was also a film camera as it looks like one, but I explained it is digital, although it is now 10 years old


25/4/16 - a window display of used corks in wells


27/4/16 - a trip to lyme - beach hut number 37


6/6/16 - a trip to bristol - rather than using the direct route from the station along victoria street i followed the path along the bank of the floating harbour with various colourfully decorated barges like this one - when it came to crossing temple way i decided this was not such a good route as the council had installed annoying railings to discourage people from crossing the road


6/6/16 - the is some artwork in the entrance of a building called "the crescent" in canons way, bristol - there was a sign banning various activities but amazingly photography was not banned so i was safe to take these photos without being challenged


6/6/16 - as i was walking back along anchor road i noticed this unusual entrance foyer with coloured tiling and spiral ramp - it is city of bristol college - college green centre


8/6/16 - a trip to woolcombe - it was very misty this day but the effect of the mist was quite good


10/6/16 - a trip to exeter - this lawn had a huge number of swans, geese and pidgeons


10/6/16 - a zebra in exeter


10/6/16 - still in exeter


11/6/16 vote leave?


11/6/16 ....or remain?


11/6/16 - queens official birthday


11/6/16 - more birthday celebrations


12/6/16 - these new flats next to the river tone look almost finished but I'm wondering why they did not evenly spread the balconies - perhaps they think people like to chat to their neighbour more easily?


18/6/16 - this unicyclist had locked his unicycle to these railings but he made the mistake of locking only the wheel meaning his frame had been stolen - these pcso's were saying that they would be on the lookout for any suspicious unicyclists in the area and hoped to recover the frame if possible


25/6/16 - comicon exeter


25/6/16 - comicon exeter


21/8/16 - an afternoon at throkmorton driving various classic muscle cars - as they were left hand drive it was a challenge changing gear with the other hand