date: mon 7 jun 21
tags: taunton

7/6/21 castle green taunton

castle green taunton

7/6/21 new flats being built at coal orchard, taunton https://www.riversidecoalorchard.co.uk/

coal orchard flats taunton

7/6/21 bargain buys taunton closing down sale

bargain buys taunton

7/6/21 longrun meadow taunton

longrun meadow

1/1/20 e-scooters in taunton https://www.zippmobility.com/


1/1/21 bruce


1/1/21 bonnie on tank


14/9/20 a new block of retirement flats being built in taunton - quantock house - platinum skies https://platinumskies.co.uk/retirement-development/taunton/

platinum skies

31/8/20 shoppers in east street taunton which has been closed to traffic

taunton shopping

29/8/20 an art exhibition at the museum of taunton

museum of somerset

9/8/20 a busker in taunton playing the guitar

busker taunton

8/8/20 a stall in east street taunton by extinction rebellion

extinctio rebellion

25/7/20 - a cunning seagull coming out of costa in taunton after selecting its favourite snack from the shelf

cheeky seagull