date: tue 14 nov 17
tags: bristol

new development in bristol called redcliffe quarter at st thomas street

14/11/17 - victoria street, bristol - this development called the milliners now looks almost complete - it is a converted office block

14/11/17 - quay street, bristol - this artwork is part of the see no evil works done in 2011

14/11/17 - electricity house - originally built by in the 1930's by sir giles  gilbert scott and recently converted into luxury flats by crest nicholson - they seem to have improved the area outside as this was once a busy dual carriageway

14/11/17 - society cafe in farrs lane - this was originally owned by harris & co and was converted into both flats "harris lofts" and a cafe - it looks like a good quality conversion of this historic building - not sure if this cafe allows laptops as i read that the bath branch now bans laptops

14/11/17 - arnolfini - i was quite lucky as there was a really good exhibition on by grayson perry called "the most popular art exhibition ever!"  - this glazed ceramic is called "object in foreground 2016"

14/11/17 - a grayson perry custom bicycle called "princess freedom bicycle 2017"

14/11/17 grayson perry tapestry called "battle of britain 2017"

14/11/17 grayson perry "marriage shrine 2017"

14/11/17 - the crepe and coffee cabin - located right outside the arnolfini i have had a crepe here quite a few times - the location is very good although there is only really one indoor seat, but it does have a good harbour view

14/11/17 the steam crane on bristol harbourside