17/9/16 - victoria street in bristol - they are converting a disused office block into residential accommodation called the milliners http://www.milliners-bristol.co.uk/

17/9/16 - small street espresso - this is a good reliable coffee shop in the old part of bristol - i normally try and avoid the broadmead part of the city if possible but this part of the city is quite nice with a lot of original buildings and narrow historic streets https://www.smallstreetespresso.co.uk/

17/9/16 - leaves and a bottle floating in the floating harbour - this is taken from the old prince street bridge - there is a handy little shack here that sells good crepes https://coffeecabin.club/

17/9/16 - this is a little shop next to the spike island arts centre http://www.spikeisland.org.uk/