date: sun 21 apr 19
tags: vancouver

sunday 21st april 2019

it was quite a long trip to get to vancouver but well worth it 

the flight was a good 10 hours but there were some interesting things to see on the way like greenland and the canadian rocky mountains 

they had a surprisingly good transport system for getting from the airport to the hotel called the skytrain

we were a bit jet lagged at first being so many hours behind uk time

this photo was taken on our first morning in vancouver when we tried to find somewhere to have some breakfast but this was no easy task

we tried to get some breakfast at medina near the hotel but there was a long wait for a table

after trecking about for some time we ended up at a japanese eatery called miku where we had some very nice sushi

we then went to canada place and the waterfront which had good views of the harbour and north vancouver


there were people handing out roses from masaf institute and they handed one to sue - they must have handed out quite a few as there were so many people holding them


there seemed to be a lot of seaplanes taking off and landing


more seaplanes with stanley park in the middle background


vancouver marina with lots of high rise apartment blocks


a display of wolves sculpture in the foyer of the four seasons hotel vancouver


the foyer of the hotel had a door giving direct access to the basement shopping centre called the pacific centre

it really is a huge shopping centre and connects directly to the vancouver city centre skytrain station on the canada line

i seem to remember there was also a direct link to granville station on the expo line although i did not use that line during my visit 

when i came out of the pacific centre i must have been a couple of blocks away from the hotel

this microsoft store was in the basement shopping centre


one i had surfaced from the basement mall i thought i would investigate the area in the neighbourhood of the hotel

this alleyway was quite unusual as it had power cables in it - it was opposite the back of the nordstrom building


the junction of robson & granville showing a no 16 trolleybus

they have a good system (like the skytrain) where you 'tap on' and 'tap off' with your debit card so you only ever pay for what you use, and don't need to worry about change


camouflage military surplus store in granville street vancouver - there was a long line of people queueing for the commodore ballroom next to it

looks like a band called taking back sunday is what they were queuing for


this was quite an interesting alley on smythe street - looks like they are called a laneway and there is a project called more awesome now to brighten them up