Day 1 - Sunday 7th June
This is the road outside the Hotel - this is really "Day 2" as we had already spent a full 24 hours travelling from Taunton to Vienna by train, but "Day 1" actually in Vienna.
The worst bit was finding someone already in our cabin on the night train from Cologne, but luckily the guard explained she was in the right cabin on the right train just the wrong day!
The annoying thing was she had already polished off both our "sangria to go" drinks AND our pretzels.
We did also find people sat in our seats on the Thalys train from Brussels to Cologne but their ticket said Brussels to Paris Nord (Not the Cologne train they were sat in!)
Getting to sleep on the night train is not that easy as the mattresses are very thin but at least we had beds when other carriages only had "couchettes" or basic seats.
Getting into the top bunk was not easy but in the morning I discovered there was a fold away step ladder I could have used!
We also discovered that there is an AC charging point under the bottom bunk, but only 30 minutes before arriving at Vienna Miedling. Luckily sleeper passengers have use of OBB lounges for 2 hours before and after trips so a chance to top up our phone charges.
Austria is a "feel at home" country if you have a Three payg sim which saves a fortune as it means unlimited data and free calls - Belgium and Germany are annoyingly not "feel at home" so we had some EE payg sims to tide us over on £5 (24 hour) data bundles.
This is the famous RingStrabe which is a sort of inner ring road for Vienna but it has all the famous buildings along it like the opera house, rathaus, university etc
There is a "ring tram" but as we had 3 day travel passes we rode the #1 & #2 trams for free rather than pay for the tourist trams.
The tram system is really good and the metro system is also good but trams have the benefit of a good view but metro is better for longer hops.
Our hotel was just outside the Ringstrabe, near the museum quarter. The nearest metro stop was volkstheatre but we later discovered a handy #49 tram takes us to within a block of the hotel from Dr Karl renner ring.
The first day we thought that rather than take transport we would walk from the hotel to the central cathedral which is exactly 2km on foot. About half way there is a big park near the hoffburg area. You then arrive in the "old town" with narrow pedestrianised streets and people having horse and carriage rides.
The central area is packed with tourists, who are kept busy taking selfies with "selfie sticks" and tourists taking holiday snaps using huge ipads.
This was some sort of archaeological site
As we got nearer the historic centre there were more shops, this one with an unusual window display
This restaurant had mist generators which would help keep diners cool
A nice local draught beer
We got the metro back to the Hotel - the metro system seems very good and you never have to wait long for a train