Day 3 - Tuesday 9th June
As it was my birthday I thought I'd make the most of it an do a couple of art museums - luckily our hotel is near the museum quarter so only a 10 minute walk to the museums.
This is an interesting camera shop near the hotel.
There was a school next to the hotel with a scooter park for the kids - compare this with the studid system in the UK where most kids arrive in a 4x4 on the "school run"
I like the little fish icon on the wall here as this means we are not far from the hotel - it is quite a climb from the metro stop to the hotel, at least till we discovered the handy tram just a level block from the hotel.
The mumok museum was first on my hit list - even the building looks very good - it is a modrn art museum a bit like the tate modern and the ludwig museum in cologne.
This telephone looks like one of the original "trimphone" phones from the 70's
There was a large enclosed "dark" exhibit with brightly lit cabinets full of 1970's artefacts - actually it was not that brightly lit as I had to use a shutter speed of 1/11th of a second
The below ground levels of the museum (levels -1,-2 & -3) had some unusual exhibits with old analog tv screens showing strange "actionism" art
The lift system was very modern where you had to stand on a glass platform while waiting for a glass lift so you could see down below you all 8 floors.
This is the entrance / foyer level (level 0)
The next stop was the Leopold musuem - it had a lot of works by gustav klimpt and egon schiele
more at the leopold musuem
this klimt is called death and life
After the musuems we decided to take the metro into the centre again and look at the main cathedral - st stephens
there were a lot of candles being lit