shepton mallet prison

date: sat 28 oct 23
tags: shepton mallet

this is the oldest part of the prison - this is the arched window of the gatehouse that looks out onto the street outside

gatehouse stairs

the top floor of the gatehouse - very dark!

the old cells from the 1600s

the shower fixings

one of the corridors

a cell - they are all quite similar in layout, with a loo behind the bed

on of the cell blocks

this the the corridor that links 2 of the cell blocks

a kitchen facility

the outside area

it was very rainy and gloomy adding to the desolate feel of the place

a recess area in the ladies block

the outside excercise yard

a staircase connecting levels

this was a very narrow single sided block





the layouts were quite confusing - this is the bit where you get your ticket and start and end the tour

interestingly the plans show the original execution room as an office

how the prison is laid out