canon 5d classic

date: sat 10 feb 24
tags: canon 5d classic

amazingly i did not use the 5d classic at all on friday so i wanted to make sure i put it through its paces on saturday

even though this was underexposed i had high hopes as i could see the image quality was good - to be able to shoot quality full frame images on a camera costing in the region of £100 would have seemed unbelievable only a few years ago 

saturday was a busy day so not a lot of time to test the 5d classic however i took a few shots locally

i have set the 5d classic to 5000k white balance which is the setting for natural daylight and i have set rawtherapee to use a standard spline curve - i am a great fan of minimal post processing - i liked the combination of the utilitarian council buildings with the pink blossom tree