date: wed 12 jun 24
tags: birmingham

these pictures were taken with a canon 1ds camera which was introduced in 2002 - i also used a nikon 28mm f/3.5 ai manual focus lens - the camera would have cost £6,999 (about £12,000 allowing for inflation) in 2002 but can now be purchased for about £150

flowers in the secret garden at library of birmingham

barrels of beer

window cleaners on the alpha building in birmingham

mirrored frontage at the station

new street signal box - a listed building

the alpha building

after securing a decent cup of espresso at faculty coffee my main next priority was investigation somewhere to eat and this place the coconut tree birmingham was ideal - the served a tapas style vegan meal with dhal and fried potato - very tasty 

the cube - a very iconic building

the library of birmingham 

view from libraryy of birmingham - this building called octagon is quite tall

view from library secret garden

construction works at moor street

grosvenor casinos

a building in birmingham

stairs at the library of birmingham

one of the other levels - there were quite a few!

there are a lot of hs2 works going on at the moment

an essential shop for havana cigars -very impressive - john hollingsworth